Cancel a reservation

Water Front Hotel


When is check-in/check-out?

Check-in: 3PM

Check-out: 11AM


Do I pay at reservation?

Yes. To hold your room, we will charge the room fee as the deposit at time of the reservation. Please bring your credit card with you on the day of check-in; we will need the signature of the cardholder. It is also possible to pay with another credit card or with cash while checking in. We will then return the charged amount to the original credit card provided at reservation.


Do you have airport pick-up/transfer service?

We can arrange airport pick-up/transfer for you. Please contact us at least two days before via email, line or messenger.


Does your hotel serve any meals?

Our hotel does not serve meals and we currently do not provide breakfast. We do have simple snacks in our lobby and in our rooms. The coffee machine in our lobby can also be used anytime of the day.


Do you have laundry rooms?

We have two coin laundry rooms in our hotel. Service time is 9 am – 10 pm.


What other services do you have?

We also have bike rental and a 24-hour bar. Please note that the bikes can be used by all guests and it is not possible to reserve them first.


Can I store my own bike in the room?
If you have brought your own bike and want to store it in the room, please put it in a bicycle bag first. If the bike leads to damage or dirt in the room, we will charge a compensation and cleaning fee. If you do not have a bicycle bag, please store it at the back of the hotel.


How many people can sleep in one room?

All room types are for 2 people only (except for our Quadruple Rooms). If an additional person wants to stay in the room, we will charge a NT$900 service fee (and provide an extra set of disposable amenities). Children under the age of 5 are free of charge. Please note that because of the size of our rooms, we are not able to add beds.