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Water Front Hotel


About Meals

Meals are complementary for check-in guest, mostly are not repeated.  

About Window

All the window from room is not openable except balcony room, to improve air circulation, we have air purifiers inside the room.

About sharing a room

If check-in guest has request to stay with company, please contact us directly via LINE.

About designated requirement

All the special requests are depending on availability, especially the room floor.

About Internet

We provide Free Wi-Fi. If high-speed internet is required, we strongly recommend to have your own unlimited 4G data roaming.  

About delivery

Delivery is limited at the following descrption:

Morning:07:30(goes by breakfast)、10:30
Noon:11:30(goes by luncheon)
Evening:17:30(goes by supper)、20:30

Prohibited items such as tobacco, alcohol, betel nuts, knives, etc. cannot be transferred.

About check-in / check-out

No additional charge for early check-in. The lasted check-out time is 11AM.

About housekeeping

We do not have housekeeping service during quarantine stays, guest can renew by providing new bed sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase from us.

About laundry

Washing detergent is provided inside the room.

About amenity

All amenity inside the room is disposable, small bottles such as washing detergent, multi-purpose detergent and alcohol disinfection etc. can be taken out.

About reservation

To avoid cross-infection, we do not accept on-site reservation and on-site payment. If you need any assistance, please inquire through our official LINE account.

About shuttle

According to Taiwan government latest policy, we cannot offer airport shuttle to our quarantine hotel, please take the quarantine taxi at the airport. In order to decrease the risk of virus transmission, friends and family members are not allowed to pick up check-in guest at the airport and it is prohibited to wait as well while check-in guest arrives.