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Bicycle rental

Free Bicycle Rental Notice

The lessee must confirm their ability to use and operate bicycles before renting. Usage is permitted only after thoroughly reading, understanding, and agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined in this notice.

The hotel reserves the right to collect a deposit of NT$500 per bicycle from users renting bicycles. The deposit will be fully refunded upon confirmation by staff that the bicycle is undamaged upon return. Failure to return the bicycle, damage to the bicycle, or failure to return the safety lock will result in corresponding compensation charges.

Lessees are required to inspect the condition of the bicycle at the time of pickup, checking tire pressure, brakes, and seat height. Rental should only proceed after confirming that everything is in normal working order. The lessee assumes personal responsibility for their safety during bicycle use. If the bicycle is lent to others without authorization, leading to accidents, the lessee is responsible for related liabilities.

Cycling accidents often result from factors such as weather conditions, sudden road changes, personal riding skills, response to danger, and improper operation of components. Lessees should exercise due diligence and bear the risks and responsibilities associated with these factors.

Areas outside the coverage of Waterfront Hotel are not included in the hotel’s public liability insurance. While cycling on public roads, individuals are responsible for adhering to road traffic safety rules and obtaining personal accident insurance. Additional insurance coverage should be obtained independently if required.

In the event of collisions or damage causing injury or property loss to the user or a third party, the user must report the incident immediately to the hotel. If the cause of the accident is attributable to the user, they are legally responsible for compensation.

Considering the contractual rights and obligations between the parties involved, situations requiring “third-party claims” arising from accidents involving bicycles should be handled in accordance with relevant laws, such as the Civil Code.

Without the hotel’s consent, users are not allowed to alter or modify the equipment. If users make unauthorized changes or modifications to the equipment, such actions will be considered as damage, and the user will be responsible for the repair or restoration costs.

Road Safety Guidelines:

Keep to the right side of the road, do not compete with vehicles, and maintain a safe distance from motorized vehicles.

If going up or down a bridge ramp or steep slope, please dismount and walk instead of riding.

According to relevant traffic safety regulations, bicycles are not allowed to carry passengers.

Give way to vehicles approaching from behind or those preparing to turn right. Use the bell loudly to signal and alert pedestrians to be cautious.

When turning or changing lanes, raise your hand in advance to signal to vehicles behind you.